Curriculum Vitae


  • An intelligent software developer with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Very enthusiastic and passionate about technology. Always reading, learning, programming and improving.


  • Experienced with:

    • C++, Python, JavaScript and Ruby.
    • STL, Boost, Django, jQuery and Ruby on Rails.
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and NoSQL
    • Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows.
    • Make, CMake, Git, Vim and GDB.
    • Object Orientated Design, Concurrency, MVC and RESTful Architecture.
    • Test-Focused Development, Agile and Scrum.


  • BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (2011 – present)

    Senior Software Developer, Electronic Systems Group.

    • Developed and maintained complex multi-tiered and multi-platform high-availability systems.
    • Designed and developed high speed real-time C++ applications for Linux, with extensive use of the STL and Boost libraries.
    • Developed tools and test-harnesses, using C++, Python and Ruby, to aid in end-to-end and component-level automated testing.
    • Gained substantial experience using and analysing low-level network and transport layer protocols.
    • Developed front-end web applications for various systems using Python, Django, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, MOD (2009 – 2011)

    Electronic Engineer, Electronic Countermeasures.

    • Increased the efficiency of automated testing systems by optimising code and implementing improved algorithms.
    • Designed and developed a proof-of-concept device and its microcontroller interface for a long-term research project.
    • Researching, implementing and evaluating digital signal processing techniques to increase the performance and efficiency of equipment.


  • University of Bath (2005 – 2009)

    MSci Mathematics and Physics (First Class Honours).

    • Advanced mathematical, optimisation and simulation techniques.
    • Dissertation involved creating a substantial C application to simulate the chemical and mechanical characteristics of complex carbon nanostructures.
  • Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School (1998 – 2005)

    A Levels: Computing A, Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry C.

    • Cedric Morley award for Physics.
    • Outstanding A level results award.